GOD My Bellboy

Without looking at the mess around the house, I could feel the stress already. The day I dreaded of had finally come. My always-pretending-to-be intelligent mind drilled hard on a way, and on a list of few names.


"GOD, please, please, help me! I need you, GOD!"

GOD came, I told Him, and I waited.

Still waiting. Checking on my cellphone. Waiting again. Checking again...

"GOD... please touch X's heart to do A for me. Please talk to Y to do B for me. Or at least Z to do C."

GOD came, He told me nothing, and He waited.

I stared at S, T, U, V, who came along with GOD. "GOD? Didn't I say..."

However, before I could convinced GOD about my doubt, the task was done, by D Method. Complete and perfect.

GOD was still there, still telling me nothing. Like a bellboy. Nevertheless, my always-pretending-to-be intelligent mind somehow worked. I had asked GOD for help, but I trusted on X,Y, Z. X once said this and this, so X is very likely to lend me a hand. I often help Y, so Y would surely help me. Z is a spiritual guy, so GOD would easily convince Z to do me a favor.

I had asked GOD to run errands for me.