My Evil Wish

Today I suddenly have an evil wish. But let me tell you the story first.

There are 2 Japanese temporary experts who have just come 2 weeks ago to Indonesia. They are to support the quality of our product. However, through the way they do their job, I can guarantee they aren't highly educated people. They are just, frankly speaking, lucky, to be born in a country that is more developed than Indonesia.

They don't dare to eat any Indonesian food, even though it's in a prestigious restaurant. The eldest one is the worst. He refused to eat "Sari Roti" bread which we bought for him. He examined the label on "Aqua" mineral water's bottle from back to front. They prefer to fill themselves with Pocari Sweat.

When we were in Tangerang and went to Alfamart, he said to his friend,

"I'm surprised that there are Japanese stuffs too here."

"Oh really? Such as?" replied his friend.

"Such as detergent, soap... "

I told him that such stuffs are common in Indonesia.

He replied, "It's a relief to find Japanese stuffs."

Still in Tangerang, we passed by a small fish pet shop. He called his junior colleague and said,

"Hey! There are gold fishes, too, here!"

"Oh, really?" his friend replied again.

"Gold fish is a very common species in Indonesia," I explained. "We even have big ones that we use to fry and make one of Indonesia's best cuisine -- which you don't dare to eat." (The last part I only said in my heart.)

"Oh, you eat them. No wonder."

If someday the shrimp in their tempura back home appears with a label "Made in Indonesia", would they still eat it? If someday the tuna inside their sashimi appears with a tag "From Indonesia with Love", would they still eat it? They should read this, or watch National Geographic Channels.

Ooopsss, I forgot they don't understand English. Okay, I'll just throw them into Indonesian Ocean and let them see for themselves what's inside.

My colleague commented, "Just throw him into Raja Ampat."

So... my evil, and yet generous, wish today, is to throw two proud Japanese into Raja Ampat -- the best underwater in the world!