Her Poo

AW Mangga Dua, December 17th 2011

she stood by the cashier
she could still hear him laugh and say:
"cukup nggak?"

she sat by the opposite corner where they had sat
she heard sister j four years ago:
"even if you put poo in a vase, it will still be poo."

she turned on her laptop, and started to write:
"a vase can be made of glass or porcelain
but also of words."



Even If

Even if I speak a hundred words of wisdom,
it won't make up for even one lie I've told.

Even if I preach a series of sermon,
it won't make up for even one bad thing I've said.

Even if I hold a religious title,
it won't make up for even one sin I've done.

Even if I go into denial till the rest of my life,
it won't make up for even one damage I've made.

Don't be Taken by Surprise

Don't be taken by surprise when one calls you friend because she or he is in need. Didn't people say, "A friend in need is a friend indeed?"

If you want to make many friends, be with people who are in need. But if you want to find out the true ones, be in need yourself.

Don't be taken by surprise when you are in need but those who called you friend disappear. On the contrary, someone who doesn't know you, who doesn't receive from you, who doesn't need you, comes to your rescue.

If you are in need and need someone, trust in GOD, for HE will make a way for the unknown to come to you. But if the unknown does not come your way, trust in HIM still. Your way is probably not HIS way.

Don't be taken by surprise when the unknown disappears after rescue. Isn't the glory for HIM alone?

If you want to thank the unknown, be a friend to those in need but have nothing to thank you.

22 Stop trusting in mere humans,
   who have but a breath in their nostrils.
   Why hold them in esteem?

Isaiah 2:22