Beautiful As A Woman

once upon a time in a poor village
was born a baby girl
she was thin and fragile
her head was covered with black curly hair
between her dark brown eyes stood her sharp nose
her full little red lips laid beneath
she was obviously pretty

she grew up, went to work in the city
and made some fortune
she no longer had to spend hours under the sun
she had time to linger in her tub
and could afford long hours in a beauty parlor
paying extra care for her curly black long hair up to her toes
her wealth helped enhanced her beauty

her long rough journey from a thin fragile poor baby
into a wealthy noticable beautiful woman
indeed helped built her character
she was also fortunate to be surrounded by noble friends
who shared with her the meaning of true life
which in the end enriched her innner beauty

as it is with a woman
so it is with a country
and her people

Jakarta, August 28th 2011