By Every Breath

Jakarta, May 20 2011

Between my exercises this evening at Gold Gym, I sat back and reached for my Nokia N86. Facebook Mobile, click. Scroll down, scroll. See more stories, click.

...! I held my breath. I read, "Rest in peace, my dear friend." from someone on my friend's wall. What?? I clicked her profile. Her wall was full with condolences from her friends.

Through a friend of ours, I was told that she lost consciousness while she was snorkeling at Komodo Island. Two doctors who happened to be on site failed to give her a CPR. The boat supposed to get my friend failed to come in time. She was only 39.

A few days ago I had just received news about my teacher in junior high school who went to be with the Lord. She had been sick for quite awhile.

On my exercise bench I sat, thinking. I exercise in order to be healthy. To be precise, for me it's to stay fit for as long as possible so that I can travel and capture as many pictures as possible -- of this world's awesome nature. However... in the end, it's God who keeps every breath I take. No gymnasium can add to it even one.

Death. That can happen at an old age like my teacher. But that also can happen at a young age like my friend. That can happen in a hospital, but also in a trip. I stared at the gym equipments standing so firm in front of me. You are meaningless, I whispered.

If You Could Choose

If you could choose,
which one would you prefer to be?

Someone who inspires many but is unacknowledged,
because those inspired by you thought they are great.


Someone who gets inspired after acknowledging someone's excellence,
because you could see someone great.