She is a Girl!

I haven't been posting for quite awhile. So I have decided to post this rubbish thought. I told you, Nootsu is my notes on everything about nothing. Everything includes rubbish.

Now, here's a friend -- not in terms of true friendship, though -- whose posts on Facebook have occasionally stopped my finger from scrolling down. Her baby girl, almost one year old by now, has an expression I find particularly cute.

Yesterday, this friend posted a pic of her daughter in her husband's arms. My immediate thought was they two looked alike. So much alike that if this baby girl had been given a mustache and worn on a pair of glasses just like her Dad, she would be her Dad in mini size -- so was my immagination; and I said that loud.

To my shock, came her husband's comment: "She is a girl." with my name addressed behind.

I stared at my screen, mouth half opened.

"??? You thought I didn't know???" I commented back.

Today I went back to that post. Another shock. My "??? You thought I didn't know???" didn't show whilst I am so sure it had been successfully posted. However, her husband's "She is a girl." stayed. What happened?? Ah, maybe because she is a girl.

Why should I write about such rubbish anyway? Because I am a girl.